All prices are in USD. Payment is due up front for smaller items. To order a commission send an email to james (at) celestinaart (dot) net.

Easy Alts – Alts that can be made without changing or altering the original lineart, and require no special set up of the working files. This includes, but is not limited to: bruises, cuts, liquids, stitches.

Hard Alts – Alts that require changes to lineart, base coloring layers, shading layers, or require a special set up in the working files. This includes, but is not limited to: extra characters that can be turned off, different expressions, hair styles, and different characters in the same spot on an image.

Headshots – $65

A headshot of your character in full color. WIP stages are provided in sketch, flats, and then final. Once a stage has been approved, then I will not edit it without a $10 editing fee.

Deluxe Wing-it

Per character: $90
Background or Prop: +$50 or +$30
Minor Alts, max 2: $25
Complexity fee: +$20

Max two characters. Deluxe Wing-Its are no WIPs with loose shading/ some rendering.

Minor alts are permitted.
Hard alts are not permitted.

Deluxe Wing-Its are not meant to be refined images. Seeing your commission streamed or receiving a WIP is not an invitation to alter, tweak, or edit the piece beyond repairing major artist error. Clients are responsible for delivering me accurate information with details that are important to their character clearly indicated.

Yes: I’ve forgotten the spikes on your character’s tail.
No: The spikes should be longer by 1 inches and slightly wider.

Slots are announced via journal.